The New Bottling Line Is In!

BertWhat's Happening at Tioga Sequoia?

Out with the old and in with the new. Our new Prospero GAI 3003 A Bier bottling line is finally up and running, and boy are we excited! Finally we have a line that can handle the amount of beer you all are putting down! Thank you for that.

April Pint Nights

BertAt Tioga-Sequoia

Who doesn’t love a Pint Night! Here at Tioga Sequoia we live for pint nights! I mean where else do you get to pick up a sweet unique pint glass for so cheap? Only at Pint Nights, that’s where! Check out our April Pint Night schedule so far. Dates will be added so be sure to check up on it.

Big Hat Days!

BertAt Tioga-Sequoia

Hello Fresno County Folks, April is here and Big Hat Days is this weekend! There are going to be thousands of people out in downtown Clovis having a blast with funky hats and drinking beer. If you are thirsty, which you will be, no need to worry. We have a couple spots with some refreshing Tioga Sequoia Beers.