Our Story

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company was founded in 2007 with a mission of producing world class beers that could bring awareness and resources to the preservation of the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains in California. The Southern Sierras run along the Eastern side of the San Joaquin Valley and include such landmarks as Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Forest. Every time you purchase our craft beers, you are helping to preserve the natural beauty of the Southern Sierra… now and for future generations. We donate a portion of our yearly proceeds to non profit organizations that help this worth cause.

Our award-winning Brewmaster, Kevin Cox, has been spent over 20 years in the brewing industry. He began his career as a cellar master/production manager for Heitz Wine Cellars in the Napa Valley from 1979-1989. He then moved to Fresno to help in the founding of Butterfield Brewing Company, a San Joaquin Valley favorite for many years. After leaving Butterfield in 2003, Kevin became the head brewmaster at Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company. He has won five gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado, as well as numerous regional and State awards.

Tioga-Sequoia products are all brewed in their downtown Fresno, California location. Currently Tioga-Sequoia is in the process of expanding its facility in Fresno to double production capacity, as well as establish a tap room that will be open to the public. This expansion will enable us to provide the Valley with the freshest, most consistent craft beer possible. It will also allow us to eventually develop newer craft beers with more local ideas, more local flavor and the capacity to mass produce for the entire valley and beyond.

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company and Sequoia Brewing Company are two separately owned companies that have partnered together to bring fresh local craft beer to the San Joaquin Valley…Cheers!!

Every time you purchase one of our hand-crafted beers, you are helping to preserve the natural beauty of the Southern Sierras now and for future generations. We are donating a portion of the proceeds of every case sold to the following organizations: