Each Keg Requires a $65 Deposit.

We Currently only accept Tioga Kegs (in exchange Keg Deposits)

To Pick up kegs Thursday-Sunday the Keg Must be ordered Before Wednesday at 9pm .  The preferred ordering  window for same week kegs is Sunday-Wednesday .

Our keg purchase hours currently for keg pickups are;

Thursday 4-10pm

Friday 4-10pm

Saturday 12-10pm

Sunday 12-7pm

Keg Prices

-99 Golden Ale- $55
-Half Dome Wheat – $65
-Gen. Sherman IPA- $80
-Mt. Whitney XPA- $80
-Midnight Lightning $125 ( Limited Availability)
-99 Golden Ale- $120
-Mt. Whitney XPA- $155
-Gen. Sherman IPA- $155
 -Joaquin Murrieta Chili Beer $155

*Limited Availability