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Today is officially the last Merch Monday of January! This month has gone by so fast! We’ve loved doing these Merch Mondays and are thinking maybe we should keep these going...? Let us know your thoughts below 🙌
Today is probably our favorite so far - all TS Shop Shirts are 20% off for today only 🤩
You all know how much we love these shirts. It’s basically all we wear at this point because not only are they cute af, but they are soooo comfy and perfect for layering in this weather! Click the link in our bio or come on down to the Garden to grab a Shop Shirt today!

Alright folks - the countdown begins as we are officially 3 weeks out from Valentine’s Day weekend!⁠⠀
Last year’s Valentine’s Day was such a blast that we knew we had to do something this year too! This Valentine’s Day, we will be offering some super rad to go packages - be on the lookout for more deets as we get closer to the big day! So grab your partner, your bestie, or just do the damn thing by yourself (which really means more beer for you, right?) and mark your calendars for TS Valentine’s Day! 🙌

Anything new catch your eye in our beer fridge? 👀⁠⠀
That’s right, we rebranded Forest Love into Forest Strong and have a beautiful new label for it! You can check out the details over on the @tiogasequoia page but just know that it’s the same beer you know & love! ⁠⠀
Forest Strong 4 packs drop this Saturday at the Beer Garden and are also available for curbside pickup, local delivery and CA shipping! As always, we will be donating a flat amount per batch of Forest Strong that we make, so you know you’re giving back while enjoying a brew! That’s what we like to call a win-win situation 🙌

Here’s a little appreciation post for one of our favs - Tioga Berry Blonde! This pink hued beauty has always been one of our customer favorites and for good reason too! This blonde ale perfectly balances a strong strawberry flavor, without being overly sweet or bitter! It’s a refreshing and delicious brew that you can sip on all year long!⁠⠀
Are you a fan of Tioga Berry Blonde? Let us know in the comments 🙌

It’s Merch Monday and today is a fun one!
For *today only* snag this Big Sherm one sided tee for just $10!! This tee is a softer and more relaxed version of our original Big Sherm tee and only has this logo emblazoned on the front. We think it is a subtle and easy way to show off your love for Big Sherm! So swing down to the garden, grab a 4 pack and snag this tee today 🙌

We are dropping all kinds of exciting news this beautiful Tuesday! Not only are we back open for dine in this FRIDAY, but we will also be releasing a new beer! 🙌⠀
This Pomegranate Apricot Sour will be available for dine in only at the Beer Garden starting this Friday. This sour is refreshing, tart, bubbly and downright beautiful - just look at that golden shine! Check out @tiogabeergarden’s latest post for all of the deets about us reopening the patio. We cannot wait to see everyone this weekend for the first Pints + Bites of 2021! ⠀
Let us know in the comments if you’re coming out this weekend! Cheers 🍻

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How we feel when someone says they aren’t into craft beer... 😂
You know we had to hop on the Bernie trend! Got an alternate caption? Drop it below!

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Drink Local.
These are the words that we live by and have turned into one of our TS mottos! This tagline used to be one of our go to's as far back as 2009, so we decided to bring it back with a fresh, new look!
We pride ourselves on being part of our local community and supporting them as best we can. We are the company that we are today because of our roots in our awesome town and beer community and we will never lose sight of that. Be on the lookout for this TS symbol out in the wild soon! 🙌

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The only thing that rivals that clocking off on a Friday feeling is the sound of your first can of beer opening 🤩
What are you sipping on this weekend? Valley Haze is calling our name - it would be rude not to listen 😉

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Are you kidding us with this view? Just immaculate 👌
General Sherm looking absolutely killer in this pic from @scott83g 🙌

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It’s been 1 year since we announced that Tioga Sequoia Brewing would be joining the 1% For the Planet initiative! As we all know, 2020 was a crazy year and while we were not able to embark on all of the sustainable ideas we have - we definitely made a great effort and are so proud of what we accomplished!
In the past year we have been able to reduce our water usage at the brewery, switch to compostable cups (when we were not using glass), utilize our spent grain by giving it to local farmers to feed cattle, and support two incredible organizations: Yosemite Facelift and the Resiliency Fund.
As we look to the future, we are determined to strive for even more sustainable efforts within our brewery. Our future goals are to set up a system to recapture our CO2, help to build a program within our city for composting, and to make the switch to completely reusable cups at our future events!
Have any other ideas for us? Let us know below!

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