Tioga-Sequoia “Rush Day” – Info from the Prez

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To make sure everyone has the best experience possible I felt it necessary to put together some handy information for Rush Day. We will be running things a bit differently than most of our regular beer garden days and we also have people traveling that have never been to the beer garden before. This info will be helpful to all attending.

745 Fulton Street Fresno, CA. We find it a common occurrence that people attending the beer garden for the first time tend to end up in front of our Production Brewery which is at 746 Broadway.  We host all of our public events now at our Beer Garden on Fulton and Inyo which is right around the corner.

Parking on the side streets (meters) and in the Parking Garage caddy corner to the garden should be free the whole day.


We will open for Bottle Sales, Draft and Growler Fills at 11 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.  We are opening 2 hours earlier then we normally open on Saturday. We expect to have a lot of people showing up right at 11a.m. or potentially even have a line forming the hour prior. This is our first time with a beer release of this limited availability and rareness. I suggest you get here before 11.a.m.

We are only selling the special release bottles (Rush Hour, Cake, and Midnight Rush) out of our barrel room for the day and until gone. For the first few hours you will need to purchase them first before you go into the beer garden.  We will be letting people in 10-15 at a time to purchase the release bottles if there is a line.

We hate to have people waiting in line, but this is the easiest way for us to keep an orderly fashion and make sure everyone who showed up first gets what they showed up for.

Once in the Beer Garden you can start a tab or pay as you go for everything else (Draft, Growlers, and all other bottle sales).

The Beer Garden comfortably has seating for about 120 people, but there are also plenty of wine barrels for placing your beers on and standing.

Midnight Rush – Barrel Aged Imperial Breakfast Stout
(bottles and draft)

16.9oz – $15 each (tax included)

720 bottles total

Limit 4 per for the first 80 people. (That’s 320 bottles)

Limit 2 per for the remainder of the day. (400 bottles)

If there are any left over it will carry on until Sunday

Draft will be 8oz pours for $8 or $1 an oz samples (No free tasters)


Piece of Cake – Dessert Stout
(bottles, draft and 1L/2L growler fills)

22oz $8 each (tax included)

160 bottles total

2 per for the first 80 people

$5 Drafts (13oz)

$9 1L and $18 2L

We apologize for the limited bottle count. This beer will be made again next year with a larger bottle yield.

Rush Hour – Breakfast Stout
(bottles, draft and 1L/2L growler fills)

We should have plenty on hand for at least the first half of the day. This beer will hit distribution and another batch will ready the following week.

22oz $7 each (tax included)

6 per for the first 80 people

4 per for the rest of the day until gone

$5 – Drafts (13oz)

$9 1L and $18 2L

Café Corazon – 10:30-2pm

Leo from Café Corazon will be on site from about 10:30-2pm sampling his Rush Hour blend Coffee and selling Rush Hour Coffee beans to go. $10 for a half pound.

Dusty Buns (Food Truck) – 11-4pm

Cooking up a Special Rush-Hour Chicken Mole among other great food items.

Kevin Cox BrewMaster
Alt Text

Our beloved Brewmaster will be on sight in the morning between 11-1 pm to chat with and sign bottles and or any other TS memorabilia.

Local Celebrity Handle Pullers.  To add to the celebration of our first barrel aged beer release we have invited some of our friends who pull handles for a living. Look for them  throughout the day
Shawn Kilgore
“The Captain”
Alt Text

Ephiram Bosse
Alt Text

Oscar Fuentes
Alt Text

Ben Kloos
Alt Text


I am super excited for the release of our very first Barrel Aged beer.  I expect to see a lot of familiar faces as well some new ones. We want to make sure everyone has a great time and enjoys the day we celebrate our coffee infused beers. Celebrations are also known for sharing. We will have a very loose bottle share policy for the better part of the day. We know people will be traveling, meeting up with friends, and wanting to share and try other great beers side by side with ours. I hope this information is helpful and I plan to see you all on Rush Day!