How we feel when someone says they aren’t into craft beer... 😂 
You know we had to hop on the Bernie trend! Got an alternate caption? Drop it below!
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Looking for a guilt free local beer that actually has flavor AND tastes like beer? 
Don’t worry Fam, we got you! 🙌⁠
Tomorrow the @tiogabeergarden will be introducing a new staple to the TS line up - Low Dome Citrus Wheat! Low Dome gets its name not only from its low calorie/carb recipe, but also from the iconic sub dome before you reach the cables of the Half Dome trail; arguably the hardest workout of the entire journey to the summit. Our citrus wheat beer is a "Better for You" option that is less than half the carbs of most of our beers, as well as low on calories at only 90 per 12oz. Low on guilt, but high on citrus flavor as it is brewed with natural blood orange - FULL SEND! ⁠
Low Dome is the Central Valley’s new active lifestyle beer, ready to crush any adventure! 🍻⁠
Pick up your six pack starting tomorrow and look for it soon at some your favorite retailers throughout the Valley!
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Cozy up with a Hot Toddy tonight! We have plenty of seats in our new covered and Heated extended patio. Brent will be making craft cocktails until 11pm tonight. #craftoutloud #americancraft #craftcocktails #hottytoddy #winter
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It’s the FultonStreetParty! and we’re celebrating the revitalization of 👉🏽 FultonDistrict + will have  the Fresno sweater today Oct 20th, 12pm-12am, all ages, free. 
The ➡️ Grizzly_Fest & VendorVillage friends will curate 16 local bands, 14 local #fresnofood trucks, and over 28 vendors along with beautiful_downtownfresno! 
As well as a ➡️ Top Mobile 👩🏻‍🍳Chef competition presented by JuicyGems & FFCFoxes will host a futsal ⚽️tournament. An art🎨 exhibit by WyseFools, “I Love Fresno” tribute show, & great beer 🍺 by tiogasequoia at the tiogabeergarden!
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Good morning and you’re welcome! El Churro is back at our @tiogabeergarden starting at noon today. Come by and get your pasty stout on! See you in Downtown Fresno!
#elchurro #dessertstout #craftoutloud #downtownfresno #friyay
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Happy #NationalIPADay! We felt that there truly is no better day than today to release our new DIPA, El Cap! 
Not only is El Cap incredibly delicious and memorializes one of our favorite places in Yosemite, but it also is the first beer we are releasing in our new 19.2 cans! We wanted to roll this beer out in these new cans because we think a beer as flavorful as El Cap deserves a can that is equally big and bold. El Cap will not only be available at the Beer Garden (in singles and 4 packs) - it is also making its way into stores near you! So grab your big can of El Cap, sit back and enjoy one of our favorite day’s of the year! 
Do you have a favorite TS IPA? Let us know below!
#nationalipaday #elcapitan #elcapdipa #craftoutloud #bigflavor
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