Rush Day 2015

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What Rush Day is the day Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co celebrates artisan coffee and coffee infused beers. We will be featuring our second barrel project series on tap and in bottles called Autumn Rush which is a blended bourbon barrel aged Hazelnut Imperial Breakfast Stout (Coffee and Hazelnut Infused Double Milk Stout). About 2000 bottles will be produced in total. We ... Read More

The New Bottling Line Is In!

BertWhat's Happening at Tioga Sequoia?

Out with the old and in with the new. Our new Prospero GAI 3003 A Bier bottling line is finally up and running, and boy are we excited! Finally we have a line that can handle the amount of beer you all are putting down! Thank you for that.

Firkin Finally

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Brace Yourselves for a Firkin Craft Experience Tioga Sequoia has some very exciting news! We just picked up our very first order of firkins. With these new firkins, we can begin to create unique cask conditioned beers. The conventional way to serve draft beer involves force carbonating with carbon dioxide,  storing in pressurized kegs, and serving through gas-powered taps. On ... Read More